We like to be clear and don’t want you to get here with the wrong idea or end up dissapointed.

We take each individual and group’s security very seriously and are very strict with the rules.

Your buggy passion and participation in offroad trips isn’t meant to alter nature. We make sure you don’t!


  • NO revving. (Speeding up the engine in neutral)
  • NO overtaking.
  • DO NOT take your hands, arms or cell phones out of the safety cage while the vehicle is in motion.
  • NO unnecessary honking.
  • NO staying behind.
  • Absolutely NO litter is thrown out of the buggy. Use bins or give any rubbish you need to get rid of to the guide.
  • considerable SAFETY DISTANCE must be kept between buggies, specially on tracks, as braking and slowing down a buggy on a dirt track isn’t the same as stopping an ABS equipped car on tarmack.
  • NO alcohol before nor during trips. Police (alcohol/drug) controls are your sole responsability. Seatbelts are to be worn AT ALL TIMES.
  • DO NOT get carried away nor get distracted; You break it you pay it.
  • NO smoking in the buggies nor when driving. In summer you can only smoke where the guide lets you do so.
  •  The trip guide is the absolute boss and has the last word.

Resuming: BEHAVE if you want to have a good time. Dont spoil the fun!!


Minimum age of the driver: 25 years with 2 years of license


Rental Commitments and Responsabilities:


Before starting the tour, the Client will be required to read, agree and sign our so called “dangerous sports” activity disclaimer.
The Client is, in all circumstances, responsible for his/her behaviour and for the vehicle, and all equipment under his/her control. Our tours are not a race nor a rallye – there is no speed counter nor allotted time. Even though the guide will mark the speed, you (the Client) should still adapt your speed according to your skill and to the places you are travelling through.
Drive extremely slowly through the villages; respecting the local people; their customs; the wildlife and the beautiful terrain. Remember that you are driving a very powerful machine and that off-road riding can be a dangerous activity.
The Client agrees to abide by all spanish laws, bylaws, rules and regulations.
You (the Client) are renting the buggy and as such you (the Client) are solely liable for all traffic offences/fines incurred by the Client for any breach of the law except where such offences are due to the vehicle not complying with the road traffic regulations.
During the tour, the Client agrees to comply with all rules imposed by TopBuggy, and the laws and customs of Spain, especially in respect of health, alcohol, drugs or any other matter.
  • Damage/Misuse of the buggy.
Whilst it is not our policy to charge for damage to the buggies or equipment, we reserve the right to charge the Client for damage caused to any property, if in our opinion, the damage is caused by misuse, careless/recklessness or malicious intent on the part of the Client.
You (the Client) must follow all advice and instructions given by your tour guide at all times.
  • Tours & Buggies
The guide will inform you (the Client) about any relevant information of the routes, instances and any last minute issues/trip modifications should there be any, and the type of terrain that will be covered. TopBuggy reserves the right to change the parcours at our discretion.
The Client cannot leave the tour voluntarily without prior notice to the guide before the end of the tour,Should he/she be required to do so by a the guide or any other company representative, the Client will be accompanied back to the departure point the shortest way. No refund will be given.
The Client acknowledges that due to the nature of the activity and tour, no responsibility can be accepted by the Company for any accident, loss or damage to a Client’s vehicle or other property, whether owned, loaned or on hire to the Client.
The Client acknowledges that the buggy specification maybe subject to change without notice (including make, model and engine size).
  • Documents
You (the Client) MUST carry photo ID and your B1 car drivers’ license with you at all times whilst driving – this is a legal requirement in Spain. If you do not hold a photo licence, you must also carry your passport, as a form of identification.
  • Insurance & Health
The Client must be in a general state of good health with no back or neck injuries to take part in one of our tours, if in doubt, please ask your local GP for advice – our tours are run in a relaxed fashion but can be shaky at times.
The Client must be able to mount and dismount the buggy safely, without assistance.
The responsibility for the Health and Well-being of the Client will at all times remain with the Client.
The Client acknowledges the inherent risk and dangers of off-road buggies and will ride entirely at the their own risk and neither the Company, its agents, or any other person assisting with them, is liable for any personal loss, injury, accident, damage, delay or inconvenience whether caused by acts of the Company, its agents or events outside the Company’s control (e.g. strikes, civil war, mechanical breakdown, weather etc.)
All buggies are covered by 3rd party Insurance; however, we do not offer personal medical or repatriation insurance. There are many brokers on the internet that will cover you if you require it. Your EHIC card will cover you for basic medical care. We would however, recommend holiday insurance with a dangerous sports extension.