Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gift voucher

I want to give a buggy route as a gift, how do I do it? You reserve it directly on our website, but instead of choosing the date, you choose to make a gift voucher. This way you get a reservation with a code that the person to whom you give it can redeem it directly on the page any day that this route is operational with availability.

Sorry, still not sure on who's driving

You drive yourself. The instructor guides you and drives in front of you in another vehicle. If for some reason you want to do the route and not drive, the instructor can drive you in a 4-seater buggy. In this case, the price of a 2-seater buggy for 1 person and a 4-seater buggy for up to 3 people (maximum with the guide as driver) will apply. This must be indicated at the time of booking.

Can I take a child? Any Minimum age?

We have already taken from age 1 to 90, but simply recommend you to NOT take small kids on long trips. As of 8 years they will have great fun. Traffic rules apply for buggies aswell so elevator seats will be needed.

Do I need a helmet

No, you dont as they are seatbelt equipped, but if you have one and want to use it, its fine with us.

Is there a minimum of bugies to do a trip?

We only need a minimum of 3 buggies for the Genal Valley Trip. Should you only be 1 or 2 couples, if you let us know with time, we can probably get you sorted anyway.

How can I make a reservation?

  • Contact us by Whatsapp (recommended) at +34 656 836 777
  • Contact us by email
  • Drop us a bell al +34 656 836 777 or from 10:00-13:00h local time from Mon-Thu at +34 952 874 195
  • Do an online reservation on our web




Mobile phone (only Whatsapp)

Mobile phone (only Whatsapp)

(+34) 656 83 67 77


Are prices per person or per buggy?

NO. The price marked on the price list is the final price PER BUGGY regardless of the number of people travelling in it. That is to say, if you hire a 2-seater buggy for the Rondando Route it would be 175€ per 2-seater buggy and it doesn't matter if 1 or 2 people are travelling in the vehicle. The same route would be 215€ for a 4-seater buggy, and it doesn't matter if 1, 2, 3 or 4 people travel in the vehicle.

Can I pay with credit card?

  • Yes. You can by credit card on our reservation system of our web
  • Credit card on the day of the experience (except American Express) for direct bookings
  • Cash upon arrival
  • TopBuggy Gift Cards
  • PayPal (prepayment)
  • Yumping, Viator and Tripadvisor
  • Some other coupons. Andaluz Card is also accepted
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Bookings/reservations need to be paid for on forehand.

I am less than 25 years old but have many years driving experience. I can drive?

The minimum requirements of the insurance company to be able to drive a buggy are age: 25 years old COMPLETED and minimum 2 years of driving licence without exception. Again, without exception. There is nothing we can do about it, if you do not meet both requirements we are sorry to say that you cannot drive any of our buggies. Please do not insist, no need to call and ask if there is any way you can drive if you do not meet the above conditions, and no, you cannot pay extra to drive if you are under 25 or do not have the 2 years driving licence.

I want to rent a buggy without an instructor.

Sorry. We do not rent buggies without an instructor under any circumstances.

Can we change drivers during the trip?

Prices include 1 driver. If you want to change drivers a surcharge of 15€/driver is to be paid regardless the contracted trip.

What do I need to take with me and what do I wear?

We recommend suitable clothes for each season. In summer sunglasses and solar protection are a must. Bathing suits and maybe a towel are also recommended as on most trips you can have a dip in a pond or river. In winter and cold season, warm and preferably waterproof clothing is very recommended. If you wear contact lenses, if you can change them to normal glasses much better. Take good notice that we are in Ronda. We start at +800 meters and we move between the 600 and 1200 meters depending on which trips. It is a mountainous area, this is not Marbella or Cadiz nor Seville and the temperatures lower. It can be cool even in summer especially on the longer trips. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE WITH FLIP-FLOPS. If you want to take them because you plan to bathe in one of the rivers or ponds, fine but definately not to drive. Note that you can even be fined by traffic police should you do so even in your own car, so you are warned!

Am I going to get dirty?

Except for the Gorge and Gorge XL trip, you are probably going to get stained or even wet almost for sure, either with dust water or mud, so please bring appropriate attuendo. We only have emergency (rain) ponchos... so resuming... yes you probably will get dirty. A Polaris RZR is an open vehicle so you are most likely to get dirty and/or get wet. Ofcourse this depends mainly on the desire to have fun. It also depends on the trip you have chosen, time of the year, and weather conditions. We insist on advising you to bring warm clothes in winter and if possible also waterproof. Gloves do come in handy at times. Some spare/replacement clothing isn´t a bad idea if you are staying for lunch or visiting Ronda afterwards. We have shower facilities so the worst can always be removed here. Please, we dont want to scare you, but again this mainly depends on how you drive, but the vast majority gets excited and doesn't miss a puddle...

Can I choose the buggy?

The buggies are all pretty much the same with similar performances. By the time you arrive the guide will have the vehicles ready. Usually our clients organize themselves with the buggies when there is more than one couple/family. Even then, the first one to arrive is the one that has most choice.

Can we have a private trip (just our family without others)?

Yes, but only if a surcharge is paid for. For longer trips and 4-5 buggies, we promise you we will do our very best to make them private whenever we can, but we can only assure to do so if the surcharge is paid for.

I have my own camera/Gopro to record the trip can I take it?

Of course! Some buggies already have the Gopro-type fixtures.

If it rains, does the tour/trip operate?

We don't panic about a bit of rain, but if the day has become really impossible or the forecast says so, it's called off. We always try to give advance notice. It would involve either a change of date at no cost, or a refund.

I have booked and paid an advance. If I can't go do I lose the money?

If you notify us with some days in advance, it's not a problem. We defer/re-allocate you to another days' trip. Should you request a refund the following table is applied:

  • Upto 5 days prior to activity 100% refund (3€ bank fees for national transfers)
  • 5>2 days prior trip: 50% refund (10€ handling fee)
  • Less than 2 days before trip: no refund.
  • Any refund will be returned the same way as initially received (cards) except occasional international transfers that would be returned by Paypal.

Any questions?

Ask us

    What happens if I'm late?

    First of all we expect you to be on time. Being late is not an excuse anymore these days, as there are plenty of GPS apps that will tell you the time it takes you to get here. Just tell Google maps to take you to TopBuggy.es and you get your trip plotted. We always adress our participants to be at our facilities at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. To avoid confusion: that if the sceduled time is eg. at 10:00 AM, weexpect you to be here at 09:50 AM. We start the trip at 10:00 AM. If you haven't notified us before the sceduled departure time about being late or you cannot make it to our facilities by that time, we start the trip without you and your reservation will be lost. If you have had any issue on the way and notify us a little before and do not exceed more than 10 minutes in total, we would wait for you untill 10:10 AM as in our example. Keep in mind that probably others will be there waiting with exitement and nobody likes to be waiting (we suppose you wouldn't like to have to be waiting either). It will only take you a rough 10 minutes to get here from the centre of Ronda and 15 minutes taking the roundabout.

    I have no car. I'm coming by Train or Bus How do I get there?

    If you don't have a car to get here, let us know and we arrange you the pick up/return to Ronda Train Station/Bus/Hotel.

    Are there many driving rules?

    Driving rules can be viewed in Rules (footer). We make sure they are not taken for granted, so please behave if you don't want to spoil the experience for yourselves and others.

    I want to do a gift. Can you give me a gift voucher?

    Yes, the online reservation engine lets you do a gift voucher. The lucky person can redeem it and choose the date for the trip in the same online reservation engine of our website.

    I am trying to book a route but I can't pick the day I'd like to

    If it doesn't let you, there may already be another route scheduled for that day. The most popular are the Tajo and Rondando routes. Check that the route you want to do is available that day. Not all routes are available every day. For example, the Campera is not available on weekends.