Rent a bike

Alquiler de scooters en Ronda

TopBuggy - Rent a Bike

A new product: Do your own thing in and around the Serrania de Ronda, without depending on anyone.
At your feet: A fleet of lightweight unlimited 125cc scooters with 11CV, ideal to move arund freely in the narrow streets of the Pueblos Blancos, without any parking problems, programming some nice trips routes with our bikes. Don’t waste time looking for taxi’s or waiting for public transport and move around with total freedom.
We give it full of gas and a helmet so you can start enjoying as soon as its handed over to you. With an autonomy of about 300 km, you’ your day is going to be too short!
A powerful scooter that can transport up to 2 people (max 150 kgs load).
Rental from 1 to 4 days.
Requirements and conditions for renting the vehicle:

Credit card

You will need a credit card both for the reservation and to cover the franchise.


National Identity Document or Passport.

Minimum age

Must be over 25 years of age.


Corresponding driver's license: 3 years of experience in the B-1 permit authorize up to 125cc, A-2 driving license for 125cc, 150cc or 250cc with 2 years of experience. The permit must be valid and not expired during the rental period.


The insurance is 3rd party and driver and may only be driven by the person indicated in the contract. It does not cover driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and in that would not cover damages caused to bike, third parties or occupants. In case of any damages of any kind, you will inform TopBuggy immediately so that in its case, the repairs during the duration of this contract are made only with the consent of TopBuggy. The customer is responsible for the damages caused to the motorcycle due careless or negligent use. Personal items are not insured. Punctures will not be covered and these will be charged to the client.

Driving restrictions and use limitation

The limits of circulation of the vehicles are exclusively urban and regional, in case you are leaving the city withing a radius of +40 kms you must let us know beforehand. The scooter may only be driven on paved roads (tarmac or concrete) and never or dirt tracks or roads, complying with all traffic code regulations under all circumstances, being held responsible the client for all the expenses that may be caused by not complying with this rule.

Pick-up / Delivery conditions

The scooter is delivered with its key and documentation in perfect condition and ready to drive with a full tank of fuel. In case of loss of key or documentation you must pay them. Cost of these, 50€ the key and 150€ documentation.